How Alarms in NZ Work

A burglar alarm works by sending an electronic signal from the sensors to the control panel. Activation creates an audible alarm and, if set up to do so, a signal can be sent via the phone line to the monitoring company.

A quality, correctly installed NZ burglar alarm will indicate to the monitoring company when anyone is tampering with the alarm, who set and unset the alarm, a cut power or phone connection or activation. A security guard can then be dispatched to check on the property.

Depending on your requirements you can have a number of sensors installed. Each sensor provides an extra level of security.

Motion Detector or PIR Sensors

alarm sensorMotion detectors are triggered by the interruption of their passive infrared beams. Any burglar who passes the rays that come from the PIRs will cause the alarm to activate. Sensors should be installed in locations that provide the greatest area of coverage: out of sight through windows, where possible, and away from sun strike. They should be in locations within your home that are under the greatest threat of entry.

Door or Window Contacts / Read Switches

security alarm nz read switchThese are like two magnets side by side. They come as either hard-wired or wireless switches. One part is secured to the door or window itself, and the other part is on the door or window frame.

When the alarm is set and the contacts are then broken, i.e. pulled apart, the alarm activates. These are useful where PIR sensors are difficult to install, where you don’t want a PIR (e.g. in your bedroom when sleeping) or if there’s a high threat of entry by door or window.

Glass Breakage Sensors

security sensorGlass break sensors are commonly used on shops where there is a strong possibility of a smash and grab. They can be a good choice in your home if you have large glazed areas or again where it’s not practical to install a PIR sensor.
The sensors are mounted in such a way as to “listen” to an area. When they hear the sound of broken glass the alarm is activated.

Smoke Detectors

smoke alarm nzSmoke is a bigger cause of death than fire itself. If you're asleep and smoke gets to your room, you are likely to die in your sleep. The advantage of a smoke alarm is that when triggered it sets off the audible alarm. If monitored, it lets the security alarm company know there is a fire in your home. You are woken by the alarm but if you don't respond to a phone call someone will be dispatched to check you and your property are OK.

Control Panel

alarm nz control panelThe control panel is the brains of the security alarm. It contains all the electronic equipment that manages the alarm system and can be connected to an alarm monitoring company. It’s important in an alarm installation that the control panel is installed away from view thereby preventing a burglar from disabling the alarm.

Good quality control panels have a sensor as part of their construction to prevent tampering by a thief.

Battery Backup

security system batteryBecause all burglar alarm NZ components rely on electricity to operate, it's very important that your security system isn't affected by the loss of power either from power cuts or somebody cutting the power on purpose.

Most control panels hold a battery back up for such cases, and should be checked periodically to ensure that they can continue to provide you with security should a power cut occur.


security alarm key padThe keypad is where your pass code is entered to enable and disable the alarm. Depending on which system you choose, you can have multiple zones and have the installer set your system in such a way that you can activate certain areas of your home, yet wander freely about in others. This zoning is ideal when you want to sleep safely in your bedroom, yet have the rest of the house alarmed.

An installer can also programme your alarm. NZ businesses can elect to have multiple access codes, giving you the ability to give individuals their own code number. The good thing about this is, if for instance you give a code number to a cleaner then they cease working for you, you can have that code deleted. This means everybody else still uses their code uninterrupted and your business or home security isn’t compromised.

There’s always something else going on in our lives and it's easy to forget about security. You want to prevent a burglary, rather than become a victim. Take action now and get your burglar alarm.

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