Business Security

Having good business security is vital if you want to keep what you’ve got.
Businesses are more likely to be broken into than homes. NZ business owners are finding their property stolen and damaged on a daily basis.
Here’s a small list of things that you can do to improve your business security.


If you have exterior gates use large, good quality padlocks and chains to secure them. Insure that the hinges are secured in a way that the gates can’t be removed.
Use high quality locks on all exterior doors where access control is not used.

business securityAccess Control

Install a quality access control system and ensure staff are totally responsible for their swipe cards and that there is no way that a lost card can be tracked by a member of the public to your premises.

Perimeter Security

If you have a property where you have stock outdoors like cars, install a perimeter security system. These systems are triggered when the beam is broken by somebody moving about the yard.
Having a perimeter security system is like having an invisible fence, but with the added bonus of an alarm.

Alarm Monitoring

When staff are at home, who will deal with break-ins? Having a security guard on call gives you the peace of mind of knowing somebody will respond to a break-in and inform you of the situation without you putting yourself in harm's way.


Provide good quality lighting for staff who work late so they can get to their vehicles through a well lit area.
Add lighting around your building and / or have lights on inside your building to deter thieves.

Mark Equipment

Security mark or brand equipment. For example,mark computers so they can be identified at anytime and anywhere.

Commercial Security Alarm

Install a commercial security alarm system with multiple zones so you can control staff accessing specific areas. Ensure each staff member has their very own alarm code so you can monitor when and who enters your building and be able to remove that staff member should leave your employment.

If you have items that are displayed in a shop window, it’s wise to install a glass break. This will help prevent a burglar removing all items from the shop front.

Most businesses store their business documentation at their business: this necessitates having a professional smoke and fire alarm system

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