Home Security

Home security is important and affects us all. Creating a safe environment creates peace of mind and well being for you and your family. Here we outline some measures you can take to improve your home security.


Lighting is an excellent way to deter burglars. Well lit areas provide poor concealment for a would be burglar and also allow you to see if anybody is outside your house. Motion sensor lights are great because they help save power: they only operate when triggered, yet they can light up an extensive area of your property.

Using timers on interior lights set at specific times can be a good way to deter thieves because they give the illusion that you are home. Also adding a timer to your TV so it comes on and off a certain hours creates the illusion somebody is in the house.

Locks & Window Latches

When purchasing a new home it is wise to replace all the locks. You never know who still has keys to your home. Install deadlocks where practical. Deadlocks won’t allow people to leave via a door even if they managed to get in via a window because a deadlock always requires a key.

Window latches that can’t be flicked open by pushing up some plastic between the frame and the jam are a good idea.
Security stays are a must on windows that you want left open. Window security stays give you peace of mind whether you are out or at home in bed because a burglar can’t get in.

home securityNeighbourhood Support Group

Getting together with your neighbours and forming a group of householders who watch out for each other is great way to monitor your local area and deter thieves. Always let your neighbours who are part of this group know when you are going away so they can be extra vigilant.

Professional Home Security Alarm

It goes without saying that a home that has a good quality home security system is highly unlikely to get burgled. Placing stickers on windows, a sign on the fence, and a visible exterior audible alarm goes a long way to detering even the most ambitious thief.

Curtains & Blinds

Something as simple as drawing curtains and blinds (when you go out for the night). Leaving the lights on and setting the alarm provides the best all round security.

Store Garden Tools Properly

Avoid leaving tools outside like ladders and shovels. Ladders provide easy access to areas that most thieves wouldn’t ordinarily have access to, and a shovel or spade can be used to jimmy open doors and windows.

Insurance Cover

Whilst insurance won’t replace your family heirlooms or personal momentos it can help to assist in replacing those items that are taken or destroyed by an intruder should they get past your defenses.

Photographs & Inventory

Write down the items that are most important to you and take photographs. These may prove invaluable should you experience a break in and police or your insurance company require descriptions of missing items. As an example, taking photos of a large CD collection proves that you did own one should it be stolen.


Have a plan in the event of a home invasion. Where will you go and will you have access to a phone in that room? It pays not to confront a burglar or intruder if at all possible (there’s nothing more valuable than your life).

Cancel Mail

If you’re leaving home for an extended period be sure to cancel your mail or have a neighbour collect it. A overfull mail box with mail stuffed in and overfill is an obvious sign that nobody is home.

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