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Everybody’s home is important to them. It obviously provides not only shelter but also most of us have an emotional attachment to where we live. It’s where we raise and care for our family and where we keep all our personal belongings.

Having someone break in and violate our space is something we want to avoid, and it’s for this reason that a good quality security alarm is very important.

Our home is our castle and we want to “fend off the foreign attackers.”

A Security Alarm Never Sleeps

The fact is, your home could get burgled anytime if you haven’t taken the correct security measures. A correctly installed security alarm provides a high level of security at an affordable price. Unlike a dog, an alarm never sleeps, never requires feeding or vet bills and doesn’t need to be exercised. An alarm system provides round the clock security to almost any area of your home you wish at any time you wish.

The beauty of a good burglar alarm is that it provides a safety measure for your family, protects your assets and gives you a discount on home insurance. Tower Insurance offers a 10% discount on insurance premiums if you have an alarm installed by a qualified, registered tradesperson. The savings alone can go a long way to actually paying off your security alarm. NZ home owners are therefore wise to purchase and install an alarm. It could end up costing you nothing at all, and everybody likes something good for free!

It’s known from research that a thief is more likely to break into a house, with no alarm than one that has one. This means that if your neighbours have security alarms and you don’t, your home is the most likely to be invaded. It is your family's welfare that is at most risk, and all for the sake of several hundred dollars.

An alarm is a small investment when you compare it to the house itself, your valuables, or especially a family member's wellbeing.

Multiple Security System Protection

A Security System actually gives you three different levels of protection:

  1. The signs on the fence and windows provide a visual deterrent as does a visible external screamer / siren.
  2. If someone breaks a window contact or passes a PIR sensor they’ll trigger the alarm. This will cause an audible alert and scare off the thief.
  3. If the alarm is monitored a security guard will be despatched to check your house out and make sure it is secure.

Some people think alarm monitoring is not necessary. However, if you’re the type of homeowner that is away from home for extended periods, or don’t have someone to respond to an activation, (which puts their life at unnecessary risk anyway) it’s very important. Not having your alarm monitored is like standing on a sinking ship in the middle of the ocean. It doesn’t matter how hard you yell for help if there’s no one to hear you.

DIY Alarms

There are a number of DIY alarms on the market and the quality of these systems varies enormously. The problem with DIY systems are:

  1. The quality. Often they don’t work very well. They’re cheap for a reason.
  2. The screamers aren’t very loud.
  3. If the burglar smashes the alarm, the alarm stops.
  4. They often don’t have battery back up, and even if they do once the system is smashed the alarm is dead so the burglar is free to take all your valuables and / or attack you.
  5. They normally can’t be monitored. So if you go away, nobody will attend to a break-in.
  6. They have faults often and go off unnecessarily (annoying your neighbours).
  7. Unless you have experience, you’ll need knowledge about the correct sighting of PIRs. There is no availability of specialist PIR sensors like Pet sensors.
  8. Functionality is limited. For example, no multiple zones so you can't have the alarm on in the main part of the house but not in your bedroom.

When selecting an alarm system for your home it’s best to weigh up your options so you end up with the perfect solution. Any choice involves the weighing up the quality of the system, installation costs, functionality, warranty and price.

That’s why this website provides you with the ideal solution. When you request an alarm quote, you’ll get multiple quotes from a variety of companies. This gives you wider choice and enables you to make an intelligent, educated decision.

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